What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is the health care professional who evaluates, diagnoses, rehabilitates, and manages hearing loss and balance disorders in children and adults.

An audiologist can be found in a variety of work settings including hospitals and clinics, ENT physician’s offices, universities, school systems, and private practices. Audiologists:

  • Evaluate and diagnose hearing and balance disorders
  • Prescribe, fit and dispense hearing aids and other amplification technologies
  • Are members of cochlear implant teams
  • Perform ear or hearing related surgical monitoring
  • Design and implement hearing conservation programs
  • Design and implement newborn hearing screening programs
  • Provide hearing rehabilitation training such as auditory training and listening skills improvement
  • Assess and treat individuals with central auditory processing disorders
  • Assess and treat individuals with tinnitus (noise in the ear such as ringing)

If you have a question about the information on this website or want to contact one of our audiologists, please call our office at 864-454-4368. Each audiologist has separate voice mail and return your call as soon as possible.